Many say that counselling releases stress and brings both relief and hope.

You’ll gain more awareness, knowledge, and some new skills. You can develop realistic expectations and perhaps set some goals to work towards, step by step.

Counselling helps because it provides personalised, one to one support. With such support, you can feel less alone and less isolated in your situation.

If you’re finding things difficult right now, and you’re often preoccupied by thoughts and worries caused by a challenging life situation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sherine.

As a professional counsellor, Sherine Mettini can help you to sort through any challenging issues you have and support you to find solutions that will work for you. She has helped many people to overcome personal difficulties and to move forward with more confidence, greater resilience, and with a fresh sense of future and hope.

Her approach to counselling will give you:

  • a safe place to explore stressful thoughts and feelings
  • a non-judgemental environment
  • acceptance and respect for your personal beliefs and background
  • an opportunity to work at your own pace.

She offers counselling for both adults and children.

Sherine’s counselling especially supports those who are challenged by:

  • stress and anxiety
  • getting through depression
  • relationship issues, such as family tensions, a relationship breakdown, or moving into a new relationship
  • parenting children through separation or divorce, or other big changes
  • managing strong emotions better, such as anger, guilt, or disappointment
  • loss and grief, including after bereavement
  • the aftermath of traumatic events
  • wanting more personal growth and development
  • workplace issues, such as high stress levels, bullying, and negative work relationships
  • Autism / Asperger’s spectrum disorders (ASD).

Sherine uses a range of counselling styles which she tailors to each client’s individual needs. These include, for example, CBT, narrative, existential, motivational, and solution-focused.

If a client has English as a second language

Sherine is happy to work with an interpreter in the room if the client wants this and feels comfortable with it.