Life Coaching

Is there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

If so, there is room for coaching in your life.

Coaching is a supportive, empowering process. By talking honestly and openly with Sherine, she can help you to think about your life and identify what you value the most and want the most. You will learn more about yourself, how you see the world, and which possibilities may be open to you. Coaching will help you to set some personal or business goals and to meet them. You may even exceed them.

Coaching with Sherine will be especially helpful for those who:

  • feel stuck or in a rut
  • are looking for a new sense life purpose and direction in their life
  • are at a life crossroads and are not sure which road to take
  • want to meet goals but have no plan
  • want to build up their confidence and self-esteem
  • are feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with their life as it is
  • want to look at the parts of their life that aren’t going well for them
  • are professionals, or small business owners, who want to be more successful in their business.

A life coach can provide unique value by helping to objectively mirror your true self and help you review your life as a whole.

Sherine’s Life Coaching can help you to:

  1. Find out what you really want in life – in your personal life and your work.
    Getting very clear about this first is vital and often very motivating.

  2. Figure out the things that are unhelpful.
    What’s got you to where you’re at right now? Is your inner critic sabotaging you too often? Are old habits holding you back?

  3. Work out a clear path ahead.
    What steps are needed? What obstacles might get in the way? What will let you know you’re making progress?

  4. Learn some helpful new life skills and outlooks.
    Find ways to change unhelpful old habits, develop new perspectives, and put your plans into action so you can move closer to achievable goals.

  5. Be supported and encouraged every step of the way.
    Sherine will support you to meet your goals and find ways through any challenging new circumstances that arise along the way. Her encouragement can make a real difference to your progress.

If a client has English as a second language

Sherine is happy to work with an interpreter in the room if the client wants this and feels comfortable with it.